Vacation dilemma. What rum to take home?

I get many emails from you rum folks about what rum do i recommend to take home from your vacation in the Dominican Republic. I decided to write down a list of my rare favorites just to make your decisions easier. I understand that most of the time you cant take home more than 3-4 bottles due to the customs, but you never know if you find all of those on the list so its better to have more to choose from than having extra space left.

Brugal Siglo de Oro

One of the clasics in Dominican Republic. Created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Brugal the formulation is a family tradition.


Average Price: RD$ 3100,-

Brugal XV

The newest Brugal product launched on the 20th of December 2012. “The end is just the beginning” was the slogan. Double aged. Finished in Sherry casks. Smooth really great blend.


Average Price: RD$ 500,-

Barcelo Imperial Premium Blend 30 Aniversario

One special blend created for the 30th anniversary of the formulation of the Barcelo Imperial. Finished in Château D`Yquem casks. Exceptional taste.


Average price: RD$ 4500,-

Macorix 8 Años

A hidden gem in the Dominican rum world with an interesting history. I had several locals pointing to this one as a must try. One of my favorite rums on the market.

Review: n/a (caramel notes, anise in the end – very interesting)

Average price: RD$ 350,-

Columbus Añejo 7 Años

The tradition of the Barcelo family continues in a different packaging. They cant use the name Barcelo anymore, but did you see the bottom of the bottle yet?


Average price: 15 USD

Bermudez Anniversario 1852

The legend in the Dominican Republic. A rum with tradition, character and wonderful toffee notes.


Average price: RD$ 580,- (~15 USD)

Cubaney Centenario

When i asked Omar Lopez, the master blender, why he created this rum, he said: “Because i wanted to create a rum i think a rum should taste like”.

Review: top of the line from O&O (Aged Rum 15yo to 30yo winner at the Berlin RumFest 2012)

Average price: RD$ 3800,- (~95 USD)

There are just too many great rums over here in the DR and its hard to choose only a few. I suggest drinking those you cant take home with you. Be sure to wrap them into t-shirts of whatever cloth just to make sure you dont cry when you open it at your arrival.

What are your favorite Dominican rums?

  • AL Spaulding

    My mouth watered looking at the Bottle of Bermudez Anniversario. I can’t wait to go back to the island. I miss my home. Quick question. Why can’t the Barcelo family use the name anymore?

    • Pavol Kazimir

      Hello Al, they sold the brand in 2005 to spaniards as far as i know..

  • Petr Slušný

    doma mám ve své sbírce Barceló Impérial, Matusalem 15 a 23, Vizcaya VXOP, Opthimus 25 a Unhiq XO. Tězko říci, který je nejlepší. Asi mám nejraději Opthimus 25 a Matusalem 23 :-)

    I have Barceló Impérial, Matusalem 15 and 23, Vizcaya VXOP, Opthimus 25 and Unhiq XO in my collection. It’s hard to say which one of them is the best. Perhaps Opthimus 25 and Matusalem 23 are my favorites :-)

    • Pavol Kazimir

      Ahoj Petr, dobry vyber! Ak sa niekedy ocitnes v Dominikanskej daj mi vediet.

      • Petr Slušný

        OK, dám :-)

  • B.A., LL.B.

    The current dark, aged, Ron Barcelo Rum is very smooth………my fav.