Tres Hombres

Founder: Captain Arjen, Captain Andreas, Captain Jorne
Year: 2010
Producer: Oliver & Oliver Internacional


Brief Info:
3 adventurers met by incident on a 60m sailing ship in the year 2000 crossing the ocean together and making the plan of a sustainable transport revolution with sailing cargo ships and exquisite cargo. In 2006 they meet again, brainstorm, find an old, rotten hull of a ship for nothing and begin a project which employs 150 volunteers from 25 nations in 160.000 manhours creqating the unique and most beautiful cargo ship in the world without any means of mechanical propulsion. This for reason many reasons: saving resources, keep the air clean, keep the tradition of Tall Ship Sailing alive, have a free, healthy and adventourus live and….RUM! First voyage went with aid to Haiti in March 2010. Back they bought 3000 bottles of Dominican rum with their last bit of money and introduced the brand Tres Hombres Rum in Europe. 9000 bottles followed til now. Right now I am on the ship in Horta, Azores with a hold full with the best smelling goods from the Caribbean: rum, cocoa, chocolate, molasses, coffee…..the rum this year is qall transported in oak barrels and comes partly from the Canaries (Ron Aldea 15y, La Palma) and the DR (Oliver&Oliver, 15y). We will bottle it in Amsterdam at arrival.


  • Tres Hombre Rum #1 2010 (3000 bottles limited edition)
  • Tres Hombre Rum #2 2011 (5000 bottles limited edition)
  • Tres Hombre Rum #3 2012 (4000 bottles limited edition)

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