Rums of the Dominican Republic visit Prague

Part of my Europe rum trip was also a visit to Czech Republic’s capital – Prague. I was invited by my fellow rum friend Pedro Ortiz to make a presentation on Dominican Rums. Without any time wasted thinking about it I agreed right away. I always say that Dominican rum is one of the best rums in the world and it would be a sin not to try it. We were lucky enough to get the help from the Dominican consulate in Prague, which provided original Dominican food during the whole tasting. It was a great rum themed day i want to thank everybody for coming and tasting the true spirit of the Caribbean.

Here my translation of the article written for the portal

Dominican Republic is a popular holiday destination. Its beaches are known from movies and travel agency catalogs. But what about their next export item – rum? Do you know them? Meet the seven best rums from the Dominican Republic.

Lets look at Dominican Republic from a different view. How about over local taste buds? They love their rums. A day without rum is for Dominicans something like a day without a beer for a Czech. And if you want to really get to know the country, isn’t it better with a local? In addition, as the saying goes: Love goes through the stomach, but friendship goes through the liver. Cheers!

Be sure that you cheer with quality. “In the Dominican Republic to be able to call your spirit a rum it must mature at least one year in oak barrels. It is usually made from molasses,” says Pavol Kazimir, a member of The International Rum Expert Panel. “Dominican rums do not use numbering. And so on these Caribbean rums you don’t find the exact number of years of aging. Instead they use adjectives like “Añejo” – the rum from three to five years – and “Gran Añejo” – rum from four to six years, “he recalls. Let’s introduce the seven best.


The alias of three B’s ​​knows really everybody in the Dominican Republic like in our country the hockey player with the number 68. Bermudez, Brugal and Barcelo – three rums that deserve one or more tastings. Bermudez Aniversario is one of the best rums in the Dominican Republic. There you can feel the amazing taste of chocolate.

A bottle of this rum is available everywhere in the country, from the smallest shop for the most exclusive bar. Brugal has 90 percent of the Dominican market and sponsors a number of projects with “Brugal believes in its People” or helps with the infrastructure. Therefor nobody is surprised to see many local streets with a logo from this particular rum. The last of the trio is Barceló (Dubar) made from the finest molasses and aged in bourbon barrels. These include fine dark rum with a distinctive bouquet. All three rums are available with us.

A piece of Christmas

Good alcohol will not leave you in peace. For example if you drink rum Cubaney, you feel as if you were eating Christmas cookies. With every sip you taste cinnamon and vanilla and with every gulp you await the coming of Jesus. Another is the Hispaniola Gran Añejo rum which is indeed from the Dominican Republic, but you wont find it in local stores. Its owners see the market situation very sober and know that you can not compete with brands like Barcelo or Bermudez. Therefore you find him only in some local hotels. It is a hidden gem from the new rum scene in which they are mixing quality and tradition. Unfortunately the flavored rum Cayrum is not sold on the old continent yet, which is a shame because it is truly unique as seen by the long history of its creation. Two Americans poured rum, ginger and honey in a barrel.

They let this mixture stand for two weeks, then kicked into the barrel a few times and the result was excellent! Creators and their friends tasted this drink and loved it! Testing of the final version took a year during which they experimented with different kinds of ginger and how to slice them, various honeys and rums. Finally, the testing determined that the best for this drink is a three year old rum. It might score some nice points on our market as a Christmas gift and replace the too sweet and sticky eggnog.

Sex and rum? Why not!

Brugal and Mamajuana is in the Dominican Republic considered an aphrodisiac. Evidenced by the well-known local saying: “If you drink Brugal you score, or you get into a fight.” The second appointed even has an aphrodisiac effect confirmed by scientists. The base of the Hispaniola Mamajuana is mamajuana, also called dominican viagra, a mix of spices, wood and plants, but made ready to drink. You can find a recipe for mamajuana all over the internet. But if you came across the right one, nobody can guarantee you. Aphrodisiac effects, however, are easily verifiable.


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