Mamajuana Kalembu

Originally used by the native Tainos as a herbal tea and later modified to perfection by adding rum, Mamajuana is believed to be a cure all and a treasure of Dominican Republic. I found this article in my rum folder introducing the pre-made Mamajuana Kalembu. It is a fine tasting blend worth a while.

Two gentlemen, Jack & Jacques, started the production of Mamajuana about 8 years ago under the name Kalembu. Selling mostly in touristic places later made it to export. You can get Kalembu nowadays in the United States, Germany and St. Maarten. They said that expanding the business to United States was the best step they could make.

Kalembu is made following the same steps as in the way people traditionally prepare their mamajuana at home, using also the same ingredients. This is why the taste of Kalembu has the characteristics of a carefully homemade delicacy that complies with industrial quality standards.

The result of the blending with the roots extract is a 60 proof alcohol, beautiful smell and a little kick at the end.


Looks nice reddish, you can see the industrial filtering process is done properly. The smell is wonderful. It is honey sweet just perfect aroma therapy. Smells really like homemade mamajuana from fresh roots. Taking it from my personal view as a rum drinker I am used to spirits that have this nice kick when drinking. Kalembu is a liquor with a nice and gentle feeling in the mouth. Only thing that stays in the mouth is the amazing mixture of the roots. Little bit bitter, you can feel roots. It is the typical mamajuana that you can get on the street premixed and ready to drink. I have to say they did a good job!

Aphrodisiac Effects

Besides being a cure-all Mamajuana is believed to have aphrodisiac effects claimed by male and female drinkers. Reading on the Kalembu website they refer to it as Vitamin P. Mamajuana is magical that is for sure.

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What is your experience with this spirit? Have you ever tasted it?

  • Man oh Man… “La Cura De La Mamajuana.” Con la Vitamina “P.” Been a while since I have had a good one.

  • Man oh Man… “La Cura De La Mamajuana.” Con la Vitamina “P.” Been a while since I have had a good one.